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We found a funny and accurate billboard while riding the BART yesterday.

Old Man


Quick story: The other day we were at the beach, and there was an older man (grey hair) sitting on a bench putting on his shoes. Asa looks over and says “Old Man, Bench!”, which was slightly embarrassing, but we were impressed that he knew how to distinguish and say “Old Man” as opposed to […]

Olivia managed to put together not one, but TWO costumes for Asa this Halloween! And both very cleverly make use of a bandana 🙂 The first one he wore to his Waldorf class in the morning – he is really into trains, and was pretty excited by it. And then for the evening, he changed […]

So, we can’t remember the last time (if ever) we’ve been to a pumpkin patch, but we’d been hearing other people talk about them for a few weeks, seeing pictures on Facebook of our friends with their children at pumpkin patches, so it seemed like the parent-ly thing to do in October. We looked it […]

Asa’s in the midst of a “language explosion” right now – pretty much every word you say to him, he can say back (his latest word is “Velcro”!). He’s learning about 2 new words a day now, and I imagine it won’t be long until he is a master orator. Just so we can remember […]

Auntie Katie


This May, Auntie Katie visited us for the 2nd time (the first time was last June, but I shamefully never got it together to make her a post until now…) Even though she was just coming off off a busy work season and massive conference in LA, she immediately switched into “Auntie” mode, and proceeded […]

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we went for brunch at Gather, one of our favorite restaurants (it’s also where we went last year – a tradition in the making). Asa has been having really tough teething pains for the past few days, it is getting better, but he doesn’t have quite the appetite that […]



Well, this is kind of embarrassing, it’s been months since my last real post. BUT I just realized I can back-date my posts, so I’m going to try and keep you up to date starting now, and try to fill in the last 6 months as soon as I can!

One year ago, you blessed us by joining our family here on earth. What an amazing year it’s been, we have had so much fun having you be a part of our lives, and we can’t believe how much you’ve changed and grown. Today we had a great time on Kauai, getting a smoothie in […]

In October, Asa took his first airplane ride, to attend his Auntie Laura (or Auntie Awesome as she prefers to be called) ‘s wedding in North Carolina (his ancestral home, as I like to call it :))! Too many pictures to post right here, so as usual, here are some of the highlights, you can […]