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I’m lucky to have lots of cousins who live in the area, and 2 of them who have their own little bundles of joy (Max and Walt, both boys!) around Asa’s age (Asa is the youngest) who live 10 minutes away! Since they were all born in the Year of the Tiger, we call them […]

Happy New Year!


Wow, 2012 already –  I have a lot to catch up on, don’t I? Well, all the holiday travel is over, my hand has (mostly) healed, and work has calmed down from our annual CES trade show, and I’m now taking the rest of my paternity leave before Asa turns 1, so I hope to […]



Tonight, as on most nights, as Asa was crawling around the bed avoiding the shirt and socks I was trying to get on him for the night, it struck me how miraculous it is that one day it was just the two of us, and now all of a sudden there is a whole new […]

We had just gotten back from NC, so we didn’t have time to do much for Halloween – but we did find this awesome tiger costume at Goodwill! Isn’t he cute!? P.S. he didn’t actually eat that candy bar (though he did pulverize it in the wrapper)

Muir Beach


Also in Sept we took Asa out to Muir Beach for an afternoon. It was super sunny, but thankfully we had just bought him a new Flap Happy hat – it kinda covered his whole face… but it did protect him from that cruel California sun! Here he is enjoying a nice stick 🙂 He […]

Asa in Sept


I know, I know, October is almost over already, and I have new pictures of his first trip to North Carolina. But I wanted to post these pictures from Sept so we’re in chronological order…You can see all the pictures in the gallery. September was the month he started to crawl and move around, and for […]

This is so exciting!

Had to post this. The other day we decided to let Asa try eating some strawberry. We had no idea he would have such a hilarious reaction! Don’t worry, he didn’t choke, and he even wanted a few more. I guess strawberries are really sour for babies…Anyway, after posting it on YouTube I found that […]

Asa in August


August was a big month for Asa. In addition to turning 6 months old, he started to crawl, sit up, really play with toys (since he can sit up), and he also started eating solid food. There are a bunch of new pictures in the gallery here. We have a funny story about crawling and […]