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Auntie Mei


Two weeks ago Auntie Mei came to visit us all the way from Taiwan! In addition to being an excellent baby holder (she’s a natural!), she has been helping us stay on top of meals, dirty dishes and laundry. But she is also a master photographer, and has been taking lots of pictures of us […]

How big is he?


A couple of weeks ago, auntie Yune asked cousin Kai whether he would like to go to California to visit Asa. Kai said he wanted to go because he wanted to know how big he was. That was it. 🙂 Anyway, by special request, here is a picture of Asa next to a measuring tape. […]

Catching up


Where does the time go? I finally had to go back to work this week 🙁 so I figured I better catch up on the last few weeks before I got any further behind. This last week was quite eventful, we took Asa in his first car ride to register for his birth certificate – […]

Time is going pretty quickly. There are some new photos from Asa’s 4th week (which was now 2 weeks ago – whoops!) in the Photo Gallery. This was during Grandy and Mambi’s visit, and even a surprise visit from Auntie Cherylea all the way from Australia!    

Going Outside!


On Friday, Asa turned 31 days old. That means that he and Mama had stayed inside the house for the necessary 30 days, so it was time to take them outside! This was the most clothes we had put on Asa ever! And then the jacket! Venturing out! I was very excited and had Olivia […]



Was just looking through pictures of Asa, and realized that one of the things I like to do with him is take pictures mimicking him when he’s asleep in funny positions (which is quite often). So I started an album in the Photo Gallery just for that! I’ll put new ones in there. Here are […]

Monkey Grip


One of the (many) cute things Asa does now is grab a hold of our shirt when I am holding him, or when Mama is feeding him. He grips tight, too, just in case we want to do something crazy like put him down or take him away from his food source 🙂 It is […]