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This past week, Laura (or Auntie Awesome as she prefers to be called) came all the way over from North Carolina to be with Olivia and Asa while I was away on a business trip. Asa took to her immediately, and all he needed to do was look at Laura, and he would start smiling […]

Check out Mei’s blog for awesome photos of Asa’s many expressions. Thanks Mei!  



It’s been a while since the last real update. Asa turns 14 weeks old today (can you tell we keep track of his age really well?) and we are really noticing big changes. First of all, he’s more than doubled his birth weight (he is over 15 lbs now!), which we think is faster than […]

Another celebration, this time of Olivia’s first ever Mother’s Day as a mother! We finally managed to make it to Gather for brunch, yum!  

Happy Birthday!


Asa is 3 months old today! Thank you for coming into our life sweet boy!