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Father’s Day


A couple of weekends ago was my first Father’s Day as a father. There is a new album in the gallery with all the pictures. First off, we dressed Asa in overalls for the first time! Isn’t he cute? Thanks to Mambi for fixing it up for him! Anyway, I’d been talking about going to […]

Rolling Over


A couple of weeks ago, when Laura was in town, Asa rolled over from his back to his tummy, all on his own, which we think is a big achievement! (Although it also signals that we are getting near to the time where we have to follow him around everywhere) He tried again the next […]

By special request, here is a video of our little guy and Auntie Yune sharing a hilarious joke! Asa has been Auntie-less for a few days, and misses you all very much!