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This is so exciting!

Had to post this. The other day we decided to let Asa try eating some strawberry. We had no idea he would have such a hilarious reaction! Don’t worry, he didn’t choke, and he even wanted a few more. I guess strawberries are really sour for babies…Anyway, after posting it on YouTube I found that […]

Asa in August


August was a big month for Asa. In addition to turning 6 months old, he started to crawl, sit up, really play with toys (since he can sit up), and he also started eating solid food. There are a bunch of new pictures in the gallery here. We have a funny story about crawling and […]

It’s On!


He’s crawling! (I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ll make a proper post soon, I promise!) Happy 7 Month Birthday!