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We had just gotten back from NC, so we didn’t have time to do much for Halloween – but we did find this awesome tiger costume at Goodwill! Isn’t he cute!? P.S. he didn’t actually eat that candy bar (though he did pulverize it in the wrapper)

Muir Beach


Also in Sept we took Asa out to Muir Beach for an afternoon. It was super sunny, but thankfully we had just bought him a new Flap Happy hat – it kinda covered his whole face… but it did protect him from that cruel California sun! Here he is enjoying a nice stick 🙂 He […]

Asa in Sept


I know, I know, October is almost over already, and I have new pictures of his first trip to North Carolina. But I wanted to post these pictures from Sept so we’re in chronological order…You can see all the pictures in the gallery. September was the month he started to crawl and move around, and for […]