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In October, Asa took his first airplane ride, to attend his Auntie Laura (or Auntie Awesome as she prefers to be called) ‘s wedding in North Carolina (his ancestral home, as I like to call it :))! Too many pictures to post right here, so as usual, here are some of the highlights, you can […]

I’m lucky to have lots of cousins who live in the area, and 2 of them who have their own little bundles of joy (Max and Walt, both boys!) around Asa’s age (Asa is the youngest) who live 10 minutes away! Since they were all born in the Year of the Tiger, we call them […]

Happy New Year!


Wow, 2012 already –  I have a lot to catch up on, don’t I? Well, all the holiday travel is over, my hand has (mostly) healed, and work has calmed down from our annual CES trade show, and I’m now taking the rest of my paternity leave before Asa turns 1, so I hope to […]