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Auntie Katie


This May, Auntie Katie visited us for the 2nd time (the first time was last June, but I shamefully never got it together to make her a post until now…) Even though she was just coming off off a busy work season and massive conference in LA, she immediately switched into “Auntie” mode, and proceeded […]

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we went for brunch at Gather, one of our favorite restaurants (it’s also where we went last year – a tradition in the making). Asa has been having really tough teething pains for the past few days, it is getting better, but he doesn’t have quite the appetite that […]



Well, this is kind of embarrassing, it’s been months since my last real post. BUT I just realized I can back-date my posts, so I’m going to try and keep you up to date starting now, and try to fill in the last 6 months as soon as I can!