I’m lucky to have lots of cousins who live in the area, and 2 of them who have their own little bundles of joy (Max and Walt, both boys!) around Asa’s age (Asa is the youngest) who live 10 minutes away! Since they were all born in the Year of the Tiger, we call them the Tiger Trio (or in Chinese, 小虎隊, which also happens to be the name of a defunct boy band from Taiwan, but I digress). Anyway, we got together with everyone back in October (when we were still enjoying the last remnants of our Bay Area Summer)

All the pictures are here in the gallery (astute readers may have noticed they’ve been there for a couple of months – I uploaded them but never got around to writing a post)

Here are some of the highlights:

Asa kicking back in the hammock


Matt and Max taking a nap in the sunP1120830

Here’s Max with Joanne and Matt


And here’s Walt with Uncle Mike


Peekaboo with Auntie Joanne


And Superman with Uncle Mike


All together now!


Happy New Year!


Wow, 2012 already –  I have a lot to catch up on, don’t I? Well, all the holiday travel is over, my hand has (mostly) healed, and work has calmed down from our annual CES trade show, and I’m now taking the rest of my paternity leave before Asa turns 1, so I hope to fill you in on the last few months so that I can keep posting stuff as it happens!



Tonight, as on most nights, as Asa was crawling around the bed avoiding the shirt and socks I was trying to get on him for the night, it struck me how miraculous it is that one day it was just the two of us, and now all of a sudden there is a whole new person – a living, breathing, moving person, whose whole life we have the pleasure of being a part of. Olivia might have a different opinion, but compared to my contributions to the whole “life giving” process, the scale of the entire human lifetime that now exists and will continue to grow really makes me see the truth in the old wive’s tale: regardless of all the things that we’ve done (and undoubtably will continue to do) to give birth to and raise a child, the existence of a baby is really no less improbable and miraculous than having a loosely blanket-wrapped newborn dropped down a chimney by a giant stork.

Thank you so much for choosing to share your life with us, Asa! We love you!

We had just gotten back from NC, so we didn’t have time to do much for Halloween – but we did find this awesome tiger costume at Goodwill! Isn’t he cute!?


P.S. he didn’t actually eat that candy bar (though he did pulverize it in the wrapper)

Muir Beach


Also in Sept we took Asa out to Muir Beach for an afternoon. It was super sunny, but thankfully we had just bought him a new Flap Happy hat – it kinda covered his whole face…


but it did protect him from that cruel California sun!


Here he is enjoying a nice stick 🙂


He enjoyed crawling around in the sand, he probably found it pretty interesting compared to the floors at home or grass at the park. Of course he managed to eat a bunch of sand…


And here’s the happy family – sorry the thumbnail is so small, technical difficulties – just click on it for the full size picture:



Asa in Sept


I know, I know, October is almost over already, and I have new pictures of his first trip to North Carolina. But I wanted to post these pictures from Sept so we’re in chronological order…You can see all the pictures in the gallery.

September was the month he started to crawl and move around, and for a while when he was still learning, he would often fall over and bump his head on our hardwood floor. 🙁 Eventually we laid out our futon on the living room floor  – Here he is looking sweet in his “play area”:


The white thing he’s holding is the remote for our space heater. This was one of his favorite toys for quite a while, though I think he’s mostly grown out of it now.

When he was younger and was sleeping more, one of the common ways I got him to sleep was to put him into our “beep beep” sling (thanks Auntie Carol, Christie and Chel! We still use it to this day!) and walk him around until he fell asleep, and then I’d lay down with him for a nap. Now that he’s grown and is sleeping less, this happens less frequently. But here’s one of the few times it happened this month, I wanted to post it because I’m sure at some point soon it will stop happening altogether 🙁


As he’s gotten stronger and more stable, I could finally put him in the hammock by himself. Here’s a cute one of him laying in the hammock while playing with the lid ring to a Ball jar (another of his early favorite toys)


After starting to crawl in Sept, he also started to be able to pull himself up from a sit to a supported stand! This was pretty exciting, you really see how much coordination it takes to do it. Here are some pictures of him “standing up”:



This one I caught right as he falling down from a stand – don’t worry he had lots of padding 🙂


As some of you on Facebook have seen already, Asa also likes to brush his teeth whenever we brush ours. We bought him a little baby toothbrush, and he pretty much knew exactly how to hold it and put it in his mouth right away (we don’t put any toothpaste or anything), it’s a nice way to keep him occupied while we are brushing our teeth…Though if we’re holding him close now he does try to grab our toothbrushes because they are more interesting 🙂


We also have a bedtime routine, which includes me plopping him down in my lap and reading him his bedtime story (started out with “On The Night You Were Born”, but he’s lost much of the interest in that one, and so we started reading “Hush Little Baby” – He really enjoys the pictures – Thanks Nai Nai!)


As usual, plenty more pictures in the gallery, go have a look.

This is so exciting!

Had to post this. The other day we decided to let Asa try eating some strawberry. We had no idea he would have such a hilarious reaction!

Don’t worry, he didn’t choke, and he even wanted a few more. I guess strawberries are really sour for babies…Anyway, after posting it on YouTube I found that there are a couple more videos of babies making sour faces when eating strawberries, so it must be a common thing.


Asa in August


August was a big month for Asa. In addition to turning 6 months old, he started to crawl, sit up, really play with toys (since he can sit up), and he also started eating solid food. There are a bunch of new pictures in the gallery here.

We have a funny story about crawling and sitting up. Early in the month, we took him to see a craniosacral therapist. At this point, he was 6 months old, knew how to flip over onto his tummy, and spent most of his time pushing up with his arms, and was starting to push with his legs (mostly moving backwards), but had not yet mastered crawling, and was not sitting up at all because he couldn’t quite swing his legs forward from behind him. The therapist commented that he would be learning to crawl soon, but that he was “on the late edge” for sitting up, most babies knowing how between 4-6 months. Of course Asa came home that day and immediately flipped onto his tummy, pushed up, pushed back on his legs, and then popped one leg around his side to the front! And over the next few days, he was able to sit up and crawl. So there!


Asa also likes to do Yoga with Mama:



The other big achievement is he started eating solid food. We have decided that he will skip pureed “baby foods” and go straight to “real” food. Reading books like “Baby Led Weaning” convinced us that as long as he is still getting most of his nutrition from breast milk, feeding him appropriately-sized pieces of whole food is the way to go. The theory goes that this will help him develop a curiosity and love for eating, since he gets to see, feel and taste food in all its forms, and he is in control over when and how much food goes into his mouth. We keep a close watch over him whenever he eats, though we are still kinda nervous every time that he might choke. Though, again, the theory goes that carefully letting him handle real solid food early on will help him figure out that foods aren’t always soft and swallowable, and learn how far he can safely stick things into his mouth.

The first thing he ate was a plum that Olivia was eating herself and holding at head height. I was carrying him in the sling, so his head was at the same height. As soon as Olivia came near, he threw down they toy he was holding in his hands, and lunged forward and stuck his face right into the plum! He didn’t so much eat it as he did suck the juices out of it. We’ve given him all kinds of foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, since then, and he loves it all, but plums are still his first love… 🙂






Asa also wore a cool new outfit that he got from Mambi for the first time. Thanks Mambi!



Thanks to the Arensons for his super cute dog jacket, he looks so smart in it:


And thanks to cousin Emma for the cute penguin! Here’s Asa playing with him in his “play pen” (futon on the floor for now)


In August, Asa also learned how to mimic Mama and Baba!


Auntie Alissa and Uncle Chris also visited all the way from South Carolina. It was great to see you, Asa thought you were so fun, and can’t wait to meet cousin Luke! He did see him on Skype, though, he is such a big boy now!


There are plenty more pictures in the gallery, please have a look.

All in all, it was a big month…he just keeps growing and growing!